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The Most Beautiful Autumn and Simple DIY!

The Most Beautiful Autumn and Simple DIY!

As it slowly enters the autumn, why not enjoy it to the fullest by creating beautiful and cost-effective decorations for your home. See how to make it without spending it …

Golden glow

Gold is said to be one of the colors that will dominate this autumn (but also in winter). So a very nice idea is to decorate a table with it.

To make it you will need a glass bowl (either square or round), corn and a candle (preferably in golden color).

All you have to do is fill the bowl up to the middle with corn and put the wax in the middle. Gold will immediately make your space more autumn.

You can make beautiful pumpkin jars. All you need is a pumpkin (or more in different sizes) that you cut in the middle or higher (if you want to create a tall vase). Allow it to dry and dry in the sun – after removing the interior with a spoon. You can, if you wish, paint it too in a very nice gold or some other color.

Emphasize the beauty of the autumn leaves by placing them in your decoration. The materials you will need are some sheets in red, yellow and greenish red shades and small jars.

If you want your cards not to look fresh you can put them for 1-2 days in a book so they can be pushed and dried out a little. Otherwise, you can just put regular, fresh leaves into your jars. You make sure to replace your cards whenever they wither.

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