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Summer DIY: Renew your Basket Baskets Only With One Hand!

Summer DIY: Renew your Basket Baskets Only With One Hand!

Say goodbye to the usual wicker baskets by giving them a new, playful and distinctive look with only one hand paint!

If you are looking for economical and easy ways to decorate your living room, bathroom or bedroom, you have just found the perfect solution. Give new life to the wicker baskets that you have placed on them with the help of modern color blocking. Beyond color and energy, with this technique you will enhance the sense of elegance and luxury that not only make the wicker baskets but also the place where you decorate them.

What you will need
Straw baskets in different sizes
Paper plate
Acrylic colors (up to 3 colors of your choice)
Brushes or brushes (smaller than the width of the baskets)

1. Cover your desktop with a newspaper. Then take a paper dish and apply a brave amount of each color to use (estimate that you will need about a golf ball paintball).
2. Using a brush, apply the paint to the surface of the wicker basket following the horizontal (or vertical) knot line. If you intend to use more than one color, then you prefer to combine a neutral color with a more intense and dark (eg light gray with a blue raff or an ivory with a yellow clog). Finally, remember that you do not need to fill the gap between the knots with paint. Nevertheless, make sure that they are uniformly colored with their surface.
3. Let your wicker baskets dry for at least a few hours before decorating them at your place. Do you like constructions? See 4 things you can do with your old ladder.

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