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How to Convert Old Furniture to a Modern Rack

How to Convert Old Furniture to a Modern Rack

The current diy will excite you as we were excited about here at the office! This is an old bedside table that with some minor changes can become a fantastic shelf for your living room or bedroom.

This amazing transformation belongs to Nicole Phillips, who is a designer and blogger. With little color and a few extra touches she managed to make a fantastic furniture for her home.

If you have a mattress and want to transform it, see what you will need and how to achieve this result step by step!

Step 1 Grate well all the furniture to get the most color and polish as much as possible its surface.

Step 2 Pass 2 primer layers. The primer is a sticky material that you can pass over the surface so that it becomes more absorbent and accepts the new dye easier. You can find it at any color shop.

Step 3 Pass 2 layers of paint. The designer who made this furniture used Benjamin Moore – Tropicana Cabana + Snowfall White.

Step 4 Apply 4 wooden legs to the base of the furniture. If you can not install them yourself, you can contact a carpenter.

Step 5 Paint the wooden legs and the wooden drawer with 2 layers of woody wood.

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