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DIY: Make Original Fabric Coasters!

DIY: Make Original Fabric Coasters!

The weather has cooled down and is now the time to make your home warmer. Carpets and blankets come out of the warehouse, the winter decor has begun to appear in different corners of the house and what better than a prototype diy that will make the space even more welcoming? Fabric coasters are sure to be excited!

They are ideal for leaning on coffee, tea or hot chocolate. They will also make the surfaces you touch look more “soft”. And because neutral shades are fashionable, we suggest you buy a soft cloth in white, black, gray or a combination of these. You might think that it is easy to create stains on your textile coasters – which is true. The good news, however, is that you can put it in the washing machine!

What You Need For each coaster you will need two square pieces of cloth, a 12 cm edge, a square of the same dimension, sewing machine (or needle and thread!) And scissors.

How to make them Put the fabric squares on top of each other creating a “sandwich” putting the felt first. Fasten them with pins and then sew them around. Leave a small gap on either side so you can invert the coat inside out.

Then, if excess cloth is removed from the seams, remove it, but in the empty space leave a little cloth to leave. Once finished, turn the coasters upside down! If you do it properly, the extra cloth will be inside the coat. Pass it with an iron and you’re done!

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