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DIY for Mother’s Day: Make a Stylish Platter for Jewelry!

DIY for Mother’s Day: Make a Stylish Platter for Jewelry!

Celebrate Mother’s Day by giving her a different gift: a special dish of jewels made with your hands!

It can sometimes bother you with nagging and commenting, but you can not stop loving it because, even if you have been years of formal adulthood” Yes, of course we are talking about your mom who, along with the rest of the world’s moods, celebrates this Sunday. In order to show her love, we suggest turning back time (and we mean it in the classroom when the whole class was preparing for Mother’s Day feasting for the celebration) and putting a hand on her gift. See below how to create a separate jewelry platter that reminds your mother every day what is most valuable: you!

What you will need

White, black and colored polymeric clay in 2-3 more colors (found in hobby and paint shops)
X-Acto type cutter (special to cut polymeric clay – you’ll find it in hobby and paint shops)
Bowl that can get into the oven
Gold acrylic paint (found in hobby and paint shops)
Varnish for clay (you will find it in hobby and paint shop)
Thin brush
Medium sized jar
rolling pin
Are you a visual type? You can follow the process as you see it here.
Are you a visual type? You can follow the process as you see it here.

1. Cut a piece of clay from each color and soften it by twisting it into a 12 cm long cord.
2. Take the colored cords and join them to form a single cord. Thick 25cm-long cord-shaped clay, then create a braid. Then, make the ball-shaped lanyard and reopen it in the shape of a cord. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times to mix the colors well.
3. Grasp the clay until it becomes a large colorful and flexible ball.
4. Use the roller to open the clay on a sheet of 2 cm thick (calculate that the diameter of the sheet should be about 15-17 cm).
5. Turn up a jar on the sheet and cut off unnecessary clay.
6. Place the clay in a bowl (the bowl will give it the desired curvature) and lightly press the sheet in the center to get a dish shape. Then, put the bowl in the oven and bake the dish according to the instructions on the packaging of the clay.
7. Remove the bowl from the oven and let it cool down. Then, invert the bowl and tap the bottom of the bowl to remove the plate.
8. Let the dish cool for 2-3 hours. Then take a thin brush and paint the contour of the dish to create a golden edging. Let the paint dry out well. Finally, pass the dish with varnish. This will give your dish extra shine and will offer protection against any damage.

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