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Decorative DIY: Glimpse your Old Light

Decorative DIY: Glimpse your Old Light

Farewell to the dazzling lighting of your living room with a small, economic and glamorous change to your old luminaire!

That proper lighting affects the look of every space you already know. But do you know what you can do if you want to improve it without, however, ending up spending more money on dimmers and new lamps? Change your luminaire! And of course, we do not mean to give money to acquire a new lamp or lampshade, but to “tremble” a bit of the existing ones, giving them – literally – a touch of glamor. Beyond that, the change we propose will give you extra points of luxury and elegance in your space while the end result will impress both you and your guests. Do not wait anymore: read below and see how you can make a dreamy light.

What you will need
Ceiling lamp (lamp type)
Glue decontamination
Gold chalk in color of your choice (estimate about 220 g for a lamp-lamp with a diameter of 30 cm)

1 Cover your desktop with a newspaper. Then, keep your luminaire well and use the brush to cover 1/3 of the inside of the glue with one layer of glue. Note that you must apply the glue along a luminaire (reaching up to the edges of its frame).
2 Sprinkle with abundant gold dust the area where you have spread the glue. Once you have completed this process, shake the lamp to remove the unnecessary golden dust.

3 Apply a layer of glue to the remaining surface of the lampshade (ensuring that you cover one-third of its surface at a time) and go back to the gold-plated procedure until you cover the entire lamp. Finally, let it dry for 1 hour.
4 Spread a second layer of glue all over the surface of the luminaire and cover it again with a golden sieve. Shake it well to leave as much as possible, then allow it to dry for 2 hours before hanging it back!

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