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Creative DIY: Make a Painting Board with your Decor

Creative DIY: Make a Painting Board with your Decor

Since we all love much more about the things we make for ourselves from buyers, we have an amazing DIY to decorate your wall. See how you can make your own dashboard to match your decoration colors.

To do this, you will need: absorbent paper, oil paint, paint thinner, water basin, methylcellulose (used to thicken water), alum (helping to enhance color), syringes, a spoon and a large brush.

In order not to submerge your color to water and stay on the surface, use a little methyl cellulose to thicken the water and have no problem. Mix 1/4 cup. tea methylcellulose with 2 liters of water in a large pot for the perfect “dense” water. It is advisable to stir the water every 10 minutes so that no pellets are created at the bottom of the pot. After one hour, pour the mixture into the basin and you are ready.

To prevent the colors from leaving your paper, it is advisable to cover all the paper with a little alum to stabilize the paint. What will leave the paper as soon as it sinks into the water will be the extra color. You can apply the alum with a large brush. Mix 1 cl. alum powder with 1 cup. water tea and, after spreading the mixture on the paper, let it dry for an hour. Iron it normally with an iron (put a towel over it to prevent the paper from burning) to make it perfectly smooth.

Both of the above procedures will take a little time, since after doing so you have to wait for the water to be ready and dense and the paper ready to accept the paint.

With a syringe, pour the olive oil of your choice into the condensed water and, with the back of a spoon, do what you want.

Then fill another basin with 5 cm of concentrated water and with the syringes (one for each color) add the oil paints to the colors of your choice, after putting your paper in the water. Now is the time to become creative and start painting on the paper by stirring the mixture with the spoon handle. After you finish, dip the paper deeper into the water. Leave it in for a few seconds and remove it. Hang the paper somewhere to dry and then iron it again. The result will impress you.

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